I started training with Coach Sean Crowe at Strength Militia Powerlifting back in July. I had always seen the Strength Militia team at powerlifting meets and loved the positivity and supportive team approach that they adopted. I had been training in a commercial gym since developing a love for powerlifting in 2016 however had found it hard to get motivated in this environment.

Since joining Strength Militia I have benefited hugely from the wealth of experience exhibited by coach Crowe and his team of lifters.

I have felt supported and empowered to set and achieve realistic goals, which keeps me motivated on a daily basis.

 I have watched team members achieve amazing things, which have set a benchmark for what I would like achieve. I have put 30kg on my three lift total and been coached and handled by a skilled bunch of coaches and lifters to achieve 2x National champion in the <57kg weight category.

Above all, I have met an amazingly talented bunch of people that I now call my friends. I love this team!