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Lifting has been a life changing life choice for me, that I really just stumbled across because of knowing Sean Crowe who encouraged me into powerlifting. Little did I know that I would go on to develop such a love and passion for the sport, meet friends for life and get the opportunity to coach and represent my country on a World platform.

I use to be overweight when I was younger and extremely shy individual even after losing weight I still lacked confidence in my own skin.

That’s why I love lifting it makes you realise what your body is capable of not just what it looks like, it’s empowering.

Under the guidance and incredible coaching of Coach Sean Crowe he instilled confidence into me as a person and lifter and ive grew so much as a person. Strength Militia is a family unit and it's a big part of my love for the sport. The support is so uplifting and all the individuals that make up or team push me everyday in training to want to be better.