Using Imagery to bring your lifting career to the next level

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Hey guys it has been a while since i made a blog entry. Nonetheless i wanted to kickstart them again by talking about the importance of mental training to correlate with your physical training and nutrition. Note* I am not a qualified sport psychologist and the thoughts shared in this article are more ideas and applications and not set in stone ways that you should take literally.

Imagery in the terms we all understand is the ability to close your eyes and see yourself in the 3rd person rein-acting the messages your sub conscious is creating. The sub conscious side of the brain can not distinguish what we imagine and what is reality. Like right now you sub consciously understand all the words in this article up to now and right there you consciously realised you where reading this article. Thats the beauty of what our brain is capable of.

How this all correlates to powerlifting will become apparent in the next few minutes. This of course is that we know how to close our eyes and let our minds wander which is what we do on our way to sleep and as young kids. What the objective of this article is that you take it on board and maybe use it in the future.

OK get to a quiet place and start by closing your eyes and visualise yourself laying there closing your eyes. If you can do this youve already done the first step of training your mind to become a better lifter.

Next you could start visualising yourself driving to the gym or walking, then when you get in the gym visualise yourself walking around stretching out and going through your session. Remember at the start how we said at the start how you watch yourself laying on the sofa, the same applies here - you are watching yourself go through the training. 

At this stage i want you to have certain buzz words 

. unstoppable . I will crush this weight . Lightweight . I am a beast

Something along this but its completely individual to the person. Its important to have 5 so any negative thoughts are instantly replaced with these phrases. The person watching you as you visualise is screaming these phrases to you as you pace up and down the platform ready to hit that top single. 

I believe that in doing this you will begin to put you lifting to the next level and soon you will begin to think that what you visualise is real and what you think is your current reality is a dream because there is no way your sub conscious mind believes that you could think negatively.


If you take 20 mins every day to do this you will see a big change in your training. I used training environment as an example but you could easily use a competition as the imagery situation.


Hope you find this useful in some way,