NIPF March open recap

Lauren, Cheryl Lee, Sean, Joanne, Carrie.

Lauren, Cheryl Lee, Sean, Joanne, Carrie.

The Strength Militia Powerlifting brand continues to grow and this week we stopped at the NIPF where we had 2 females lifting in the 72kg weight class. 

Joanne entered her first ever powerlifting competition and successfully went 8/9 with a 112.5kg/70kg/140kg for a 322.5kg total and 4th overall Wilks. What an achievement for Joanne who had never competed before and was contemplating entering the rookie competition earlier in the day. She had a 150kg locked out but failed at the top with downward movement but she will be back.

Cheryl Lee had a fantastic day going 9/9 and adding 22.5kg to her total. She ended the day with 122.5kg/70kg/170kg for a 362.5kg total and 2nd overall on Wilks. Cheryl Lee has worked really hard this past 6 months adding a whopping 10kg to her bench and deadlift and impressed on the day. She will have another run out later in the year to extend that total.

Next up we have 6 competing in Irishpf Sligo open this weekend so we are super excited for that. We will of course recap that competition next week.

We have had great support the past few months with people buying our merchandise and coming on board to be coached by us and for that we are truly blessed and grateful. We couldn't do this without the support of our coaches and team.

Much love


Strength Militia