All Ireland's 2016 recap

Going away with the team is always something i look forward to. I always know that we are in for a great time and this time was no different. We met up at Applegreen's on the M1 shared some jokes got a bite to eat and hit the road. On arriving to the Citywest hotel we dropped our stuff and went and got some dinner at the restaurant. They served up some wicked steaks and weren't shy on the portion which Strength Militia never minds ha!

After the dinner had settled I went to the hotel gym which i was surprised could accommodate my deadlift session even though some guy beside me was hitting up a leg press PR. It give me some time to coach Rebekah who is just back of a shoulder injury incurred at Revfit. I got back to the hotel room about 10pm, I read over some possibilities for the next day and fell asleep almost instantly. When my guys compete i normally wake up at 5:30ish and that's what i did. I always like to assess how the team are and if we have any weight issues deal with them early. Luckily everyone was bang on weight.

We arrived at ABS gym around 7:50am Everyone got weighed in and i was just taking in how well the set up was. It improves every single competition and this time it was ready to host the cream of the crop in Irish powerlifting.

First up was Bronagh who went 7/9 on the day squat 153kg just missing out on the 158 because she lost position on the way up but going forward we know that's in the bag in future comps. she hit a 75kg bench narrowly missing the 77.5kg and a 172kg deadlift giving her a total of 400kg - 4 PBs and 3 Irish records.- 63kg.

Next up we had Sarah a new girl who i started training around August time. Sarah has grown so much in the past 3 months and with 2 previous great performances in the NIPF she came to all Ireland's just happy to be here but to go on and win was something that she was extremely delighted with. she hit a 65kg squat a 40kg bench and a 112.5kg deadlift which gave her a total of 217.5kg and a 1st place on bodyweight. this was a 57.5kg total pb since August.

Caolan is a kid who joined us in April and has grown from strength to strength. He struggled to squat 85kg when he joined and ended with a 132.5kg squat. He also hit a PB Bench of 82.5kg and matched his current deadlift Pb of 140kg which gave him a total of 355kg which leaves him just 20kg of European standard. This is something he will smash in 2017.

Sean joined us in March and has really excelled well. Precomp his goals was to hit standard and he came agonizingly close just missing out on a 210kg deadlift that would have secured him his place, but in 2017 he will have plenty of opportunity as he already has qualified for the University games in South Africa in July. Sean finished with 185/107.5/195.

Lauren had a good day which started of well and got a solid opener of 137.5kg but missed out on her last 2 but she will fix this in the off-season. She hit a PB bench of 80kg and rounded it off with a 150kg deadlift. She had a bit of a back issue heading into this and will be back with a bang in 2017 with our coach El presidente Sean Ryan.

Overall I am extremely delighted with Strength Militias performance in this competition and our team grows from strength to strength. All Ireland's was a huge success where we had 3 First places 1 Second place and 1 Third where we had 14 PBs across the 5 lifters. Bronagh also managed to finish 2nd overall best female lifter. We continue to grow and welcome any lifter who wants to get to the next level to come on board.

After the competition in true Strength Militia style we went out to the after dinner and had drinks into the night.

Salute Mi Familia

Coach Sean