Weight Classes & Weight Cuts?


Deciding a weight class for a Powerlifting competition comes with various factors to consider. People often cut into a weight class for competitive edge and for there own personal goal. Then there is lifters that choose to move up a class or sit comfortable in a weight class maybe they feel like are limiting there potential and cuts are effecting performance or possibly they feel it is too much of a cut into the lower weight class as some weight classes can have big gaps in relation to gender and size e.g cutting from 72kg to 63kg as a female. These are all people’s personal choices but a few things to consider.

If you are a relatively new lifter I always believe you shouldn’t cut into a class, you want to minimise stressors and cutting weight is another new variable you don’t need to be worrying about and manage when your new to the sport. Another variable to consider if your deciding to cut into a weight class is the percentage of bodyweight you need to cut for your gender and size you have to cut, 3-5% is normally the sweet spot in relation to performance. On the other hand if you decide to move up a class, I think it’s helpful to do this in a controlled way focusing on building mass and minimise unnecessary amounts of body fat being gained. In order to maximise performance and health. Mass moves mass. Make educated decisions when choosing your weight class.

Coach Carrie

Strength Militia Systems